Commit30 Weekly Planner Review (2021)

Commit30 offers an elegant, minimalist weekly planner that’s durable, portable, and very functional. The heart of the Commit30 system is the monthly goal challenge. This planner is designed for people who like to set a monthly goal and make some progress toward that goal every day.

The Basics

Size5.75″ x 8.25″ (Compact)
7.0″ x 10.0″ (Deluxe)
CoverVegan Faux Leather
Start DateSunday or Monday
Colors AvailableSunday start: Black, Pink, Blue, Marigold
Monday start: Charcoal, Sea Green, Purple, Red
Paper100 GSM (white)
Downloadable Sample?Yes
Formats AvailableWeekly (dated)
Weekly (undated)
Daily (undated)

The Layout

The planner begins with a 2021 and 2022 yearly calendar and also provides some dot-grid space at the bottom of each page for future planning.

The goal setting pages are next. There’s a two-page spread for your yearly goals, followed by a monthly goals page and some daily review tips.

Next are the detailed monthly goal pages. Each month begins with a quote and a two-page goal setting spread.

Then comes the monthly planning page. Each month has a nice, open calendar, with lots of dot-grid space on the side and bottom for brainstorming, notes, planning, etc.

The bulk of the planner consists of the weekly pages. Each week gets a two-page spread, with vertical columns for each day. Times are pre-printed along the left side, but you can use white-out tape or washi tape to cover these or create your own timeline if you aren’t happy with the default.

There is a block at the top of each day and three blocks at the bottom for any special items you want to note, as well as spaces for list-making along the left side of the spread. Some dot-grid space is provided on the bottom-left and some black space on the bottom-right.

At the end of the monthly and weekly pages they’ve provided a nice calendar for 2022. There’s ample room to write in events and do some planning ahead.

Finally, there are about 30 dot-grid Notes pages in the back, as well as a pocket for corralling stickers, notes, receipts, etc.


The Commit30 shop features a nice assortment of planner accessories, such as monthly tabs, stickers, and notepads. They also provide a free sample of the planner you can download and play around with before you commit to buying.

There is also a very active and engaged Commit30 Facebook group, which is a great place to collaborate and find support on monthly goals, goal setting, planner tips and tricks, design ideas, and much more.

Pen Test

I tried a variety of ballpoint, felt tip, gel, and fountain pens in the Commit30. The gels were the best, in my opinion, followed by the felt tip. Both showed up very nicely on the thick, white paper with no bleed-through and very little ghosting. The fountain pens wrote beautifully on this paper but the amount of bleed-through was disappointing.

My Verdict

This is a very nice option if you like a reasonably-priced weekly planner with some goal-setting space and a clean, minimalist look.

If you’d like more information, check out my video review.

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